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Easy Pay Cash Advance

Easy Pay Cash Advance

Get no hassle, quick & easy cash up to $150k for any use in under 7 days!

We are proud to announce one of the easiest and most beneficial ways to get quick cash for your business.

        Poor credit: no problem
        Late payments: no problem.
        Bank turndowns: no problem. 
If you take credit cards in your business, you may be eligible


  • Use it to buy needed equipment.

  • Use it to hire more employees.

  • Use it to remodel.

  • Use it towards whatever your business may need!

Approvals in as little as 48 Hours!


No Asset Documentation

No Financials

No Personal Guarantee

No Tax Returns

Global Financial Services

290 Norwood Ave Suite 206 Deal, NJ 07723

Phone: 212-480-4900 • Fax: 212-482-6026

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